“The UK’s #1 Business Finance Platform” - FundOnion’s CEO Discusses SME Lending in 2022 Live on Australian television

James Robson discusses how SME lending is changing during 2022 and how FundOnion.com can help UK small businesses.

February 22, 2022

The CEO of FundOnion.com, the UK’s #1 Business Finance Platform which connects small businesses to eligible lenders and funders in less than 90 seconds, was featured on one of Australia’s top financial markets television channels to discuss how SME lending is changing during 2022.

Market Oversight In 2022

Commenting on the rise of FinTech lenders alongside other private funders in the SME space, James commented that “business credit is not standardised in the same way that personal credit is already today, and the use of these systems can help to speed things up in terms of the approvals process, but at the same time it’s important to have a strong, well-versed broker who knows the market and can help you”.

James discusses also some of the things that businesses can do during 2022 to look to improve their chances of funding success, grow the business, and how FundOnion can help UK SMEs to access their ideal funding partners directly and transparently.

Watch the interview in full here: https://kalkinemedia.com/au/video/how-can-small-business-locate-their-ideal-funding-solutions-in-2022